Transfer of Master User privileges

Use this window to request that the organization's Master User privileges be transferred from current Master User to yourself. You should have the current Master User's personal identity number available.

Transfer of Master User should follow the following sequence:

  1. Checking the new Master User's identity
  2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
  3. Writing and saving organization data
  4. Creating Passwords for the ID
  5. Creating and printing out List of One-Time Passwords
  6. Acceptance and confirmation of ID summary
  7. Confirmation of transfer.

Master User ID is made up as follows:

  • Katso User ID is formed as it is transferred.
  • You create and save the Fixed Password and the Master User Password.
  • You print out the List of One-Time Passwords.

If you are a Katso User ID holder already, Master User privileges will be associated with your existing Katso ID, and you will only have to define your new Master User Password.

You are expected to use the ID, the Fixed Password and the List when you sign in for electronic filing services and for the Katso service. However, you will only need Master User Password for administration within the organization (Other IDs within the organization, authorizations and changes in basic details).