Upgrading a Katso Sub-ID to a Katso Account

Use this window to strengthen a Sub-ID to become a Katso ID. After the process is complete, your personal identity number will be associated with the Katso User ID, and you will be able to use the ID for multiple purposes. The authorizations that the Katso Sub-ID have included so far will be associated with the strengthened Katso ID.

Katso Sub-ID upgrade to a Katso ID should follow the following sequence:

  1. Checking identity
  2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
  3. Signing in with the Sub-ID
  4. Checking the basic data of the ID
  5. Creating Passwords for the ID
  6. Creating and printing out Lists of One-Time Passwords
  7. Acceptance and confirmation of ID summary
  8. Confirmation of Sub-ID conversion

Katso User ID consists of three parts:

  • Katso User ID
  • You choose the Katso Password
  • You print out the List of One-Time Passwords.

You must use your User ID, fixed Password and List of One-Time Passwords when you sign into e-services and the Katso service itself.

User's guide includes and illustration of Upgrading a Sub-ID (pdf). To complete the 6th and 7th stage you must have a printer, or you can print your List of One-Time Passwords to a file. For more instructions on print-to-file, see user's guide (https://yritys.tunnistus.fi).