Setting up a Master User

Use this window to set up a Master User for your organization. The Master User applicant should have the legal right to sign the company name.

Setup should follow the following sequence:

  1. Checking the Master User's identity
  2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
  3. Writing and saving organization data
  4. Creating Passwords for the ID
  5. Creating and printing out List of One-Time Passwords
  6. Acceptance and confirmation of ID summary
  7. Confirmation of ID setup

Master User ID consists of the following parts:

  • Katso User ID is formed as it is set up.
  • You create and save the Fixed Password and the Master User Password.
  • You print out the List of One-Time Passwords.

You are expected to use the ID, the Fixed Password and the List when you sign in for e-filing services and for the Katso service itself. However, you only need your Admin Password for administration within the organization (Other IDs within the organization, authorizations and changes in basic details).

User's guide has an illustration: Setting up Master User (pdf). To complete the 5th and 6th stage you must have a printer, or you can print your List of One-Time Passwords to a file. For more instructions on print-to-file, see user's guide (